How to cure Measles or Tigdas, it is very dangerous,a tiny red spots in the body, multiple spots, when you see spots with high fever, first put calamansi juice or lemon around the eyes, mouth to protect them, so the patient can eat and avoid blindness. You can rub the body gently with colantro don't drink it, to appear all the spots not enter inside the body. drink more water, to avoid dehydration. Avoid eating eggs and chicken it's fatal. You can drink Tawa tawa to stop high fever, it's taste like water. you can add this to medicine, add to hot chocolate drink, the patient who infected by this their love to eat sweet. Don't sleep at night, always check the back, you can put a Kitchen towel instead of cotton towel at the back, it's more absorbent,to avoid pneumonia. Make sure that they will eat, not solid food, their mouth is swollen they can't eat it. I also use, herbal sambong for UTI, i just add a little bit in their food or choco drink.
Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, squash that rich in Vitamin A, good for the eyes, to avoid blindness, add it in the porridge, chop in tiny bits or grated it. Don't drink the colantro, just wash or rub cotton towel in the body, to appear and heal fast.


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