One in three people in the world has digestive problems. Studies indicate that correctly combining foods is critical, not only for providing your body with essential nutrients, but for eliminating heartburn, uncomfortable gas, and acid reflux. Food is processed in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine using two types of digestion; mechanical (chewing) and chemical. The two types of chemical digestion are markedly different. Acid digestion is required for proteins and alkaline digestion is needed for carbohydrates.

Healthy food

Milk followed by fruits & vice-versa.
Sour substances with milk.
Milk with salt, horse gram (Kulthi), green gram (moong), & cow gram (chawli)
Wheat preparation in gingerly oil (til oil)
Hot drinks after alcohol, curd & honey.
Banana with curd & buttermilk.
Chicken with curd, milk & milk products.
Fish with milk & milk products.
Ghee kept in bronze vessels.
Radish with jaggery.
Fish with jaggery or sugar.

    DO'S & DONT'S:

    1) Walk a while (100 steps) after a meal to help digestion.
    2) Don't eat fruits immediately after meals, as it makes liver unhealthy, leads to bloating.
    3) No traveling, exercise & sexual intercourse within 1 hour after meals (as more blood supply to digestive system).
    4) Don't suppress appetite, as it leads to body pain, anorexia, lassitude, vertigo, general debility.
    5) Avoid meals when thirsty & water while hungry.
    6) Don't suppress thirst as it leads to general debility, giddiness & heart disease.
    Food combination



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