In the quest to build muscles and look perfectly fit, there is one thing you are may have been forgetting; diet. Perfect body building foods form the core part of the process building muscles and look perfectly fit. They say you are what you eat and Routine Health says eat wisely. For anyone wishing to get that big body, understanding the proper diet is a vital thing to do.

Body Building Foods

Though fats, vitamins and even fibers play a key role in growth, proteins and carbohydrates do much on the body building process. You should base your focus on this. A diet full of foods that are rich in these nutrients will definitely guarantee great results.

 Here are some sure body building foods to consider;

Chocolate milk - Downing chocolate milk after a tough workout can help replenish exhausted muscles and significantly aid exercise recovery, new research shows. Every home has some chocolate milk in the fridge. It is a good provider of sugars, proteins and carbohydrates. Such a combination after workouts is what you need.

Avocado – Though they supply much fat to your body, their consumption aide offers your body with other nutrients that boost cell growth. Here is simple avocado - banana shake recipe that can really work for anyone

Almonds - The perfect source of fiber and protein that is highly in demand for growth. More information on the great importance of almonds Read more

Eggs - Easy to cook and have are widely known for their protein supply to the body. It contains highest value for protein. Ideas on how to prepare nice eggs click here

Yogurt - Consume this after workouts and see the results in no time. They contain a high concentration of proteins that you may not be able to get from natural body building foods.

Pea protein- Very convenient and affordable, but also effective in enhancing cell growth.

A combination of foods will with no doubt offer you the results highly craved for. Though there are numerous protein supplements out there in the market, it is advisable to try your best and go for foods rich in protein.

Fitness exercise alone cannot provide the desired result. Plan well for your workouts and include these body building foods in your diet for the effect you have been waiting for.


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