Let your kids come home from school and instead of finding their usual snack, surprise them with something new. Something have never seen before or rather tasted.

Here is the simple and easy kaimati recipe.

Here is the simple and easy kaimati recipe.

2 cups of rice
1 cup of sugar 
¹/₂ a cup of coconut cream 
1 tea spoon yeast 
1 tea spoon cardamoms spice 
¹/₂  a cup all purpose flour 
¹/₄ cup of water


Method of Preparation 

Soak your rice in cold water for at least 4 hrs 

Drain the water and blend the rice till you get a fine flour 

In a small bowl, take 1/2 tsp yeast , 1 tsp sugar mix with 3 table spoon water cover and let the yeast process for at least 5 min. 

Mix all the ingredients plus the processed yeast in a big bowl to obtain a thick paste. 

Cover with a warm kitchen towel n give it 20-30 minutes to process. 

Since I don't have the special "vitumbua" pan, I use a muffins nonstick baking tin. 

Put some oil in the tin this is to avoid the 'batter' sticking on your pan. 

Fill the spaces on your muffins' baking tin up to 3/4 of the tin. 

Bake for 45-60 min. 

You can even deep fry like kaimati but have in mind that you are using rice flour and it absorbs too much oil. 


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