Diabetes mellitus / type-2 diabetes

1-A group of diseases that result in excess sugar in the blood known as ( high concentration of the glucose in the blood).

2- A chronic condition that affects the metabolism of glucose, so it's also known as metabolic disorder.
3- Diabetes is a life-long degenerative metabolic disorder, people with type - 2 diabetes have produce insulin harmone, but thier insulin harmone can not control the metabolism of glucose in proper way. 
So result the excess amount of glucose in the blood can start deterioration in the body tissues and vital organs. 
So, excess glucose in this way work as slow poison.

Symptoms associated with the diabetes 

1- Being very thirsty. 
2- Blurry vision 
3- Tingling or numbness in your  hands or feet 
4- High blood glucose 
5- Extra fat around the waist
6- High cholesterol and triglycerides levels 
7- Slow healing of wounds 
8- More chances to coming back fungal and yeast infections in the form of skin diseases
9- Frequent urination 
10- Increased hunger
11- Weight loss 


 1- Heart disease 
 2- Stroke ( heart-attack) 
3- Diabetic retinopathy - leads to blindness 
4- Kidney failure 
5- Amputations ( Poor blood flow in limbs) result numbness.

 Wrong habits and lifestyles which promote the diabetes 
 1- Getting little or no exercise 
2- Smoking 
3- Stress
4- Depression 
5- Sleeping to little or too much 

How to control and prevent

By fallow the some tips and habits
1- try to not increase in body weight, because excess body weight causes insulin resistance. 
2- Daily exercise including cardiac like jogging, these types of activities can burn excess level of glucose from the body. 
3- Eating properly and highly customized the diet plan like intake of high proteins low carbohydrates and low fat with rich amount of vegans in the form of salattes.
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